How to style a dessert buffet for a children’s party

David November 2, 2016 Uncategorized
A dessert buffet or lolly buffet is the best way to showcase and include sweets and treats into your children’s birthday party.

Not only do they look fabulous, they are always themed with your party and provide an additional fun activity for the kids (at the end of the party, they can choose their lolly bag contents).

The best thing? There are no rules! Whether you want a big themed set up, or a small display – it’s up to you! See our fun tips and tricks below to setting up the dessert buffet of your dreams:

1. Know your theme – Do you have a theme? Is it a colour theme or a content theme (pink or princess?) This will guide the process of props and contents.

2. Location – If your having a party at home we suggest to make sure you set up your table within visibility but perhaps not within grabs reach. We know from experience sometimes the kids may get a bit advantageous and sneak a few lollies during the party :p

3. Size Are you planning to do a big display, or a small display? This will guide your choice of  jars and servers as well as the mix of products you will incorporate. You will need a lot of lollies to fill jars vs only a handful of cookies to fill a plate.

4. Products – It’s great to mix up your treats (not all lollies). There are pros to incorporating other products; they create great texture and variation but are also more cost effective. Jars need a lot of lollies to be filled and look impactful. Take this as an opportunity to have a variety of lollies, donuts/muffins or cookies.

5. Lolly bags and tongs Make sure your lolly bag reflects the amount of lollies you would like the kids to take (i.e some bags fill more than you expect, perhaps do a  trial run) this way you will ensure no kid leaves empty handed.

6. ENJOY the party! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate so enjoy every moment (and sneak yourself a treat or two!)

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